Rock Your Shot Workshop

RYS Blog 1 - Willinghams

My exceptionally talented friend Jon of S6 Photography asked me to dress some ladies for a photography workshop he was running. Rock Your Shot took place at The Chimney House in October, and speaking alongside Jon were some of the wedding industry’s top photographers: Rosie Hardy, The Lawsons, John Hope, Claire Penn, Albert Palmer, Sam Docker and The Willinghams.

In the afternoon attendees were split into smaller groups which rotated every 20 minutes, and given the opportunity to work with one of the mentors to photograph a set of models. I’ve chosen some of my favourites for this post, and there were dozens more I could have used – so much talent!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended for these stunning images of these beautiful women in my designs. Thanks to Jenn Edwards for making the girls look so fantastic, and to Swallows and Damsons for the majestic bouquets. And of course, thanks to the lovely ladies who braved the cold and looked absolutely gorgeous in my frocks.

Ruth wears Hollyhock, Emma wears Lilac, Katy wears Dahlia and Felicity wears Wild Lupin.

Jon’s running another Rock Your Shot workshop for photographers in Sheffield on 6th April – I’m looking forward to dressing more lovely ladies then!

RYS Blog 2 - Willinghams

RYS Blog 3 - Willinghams

5 images above (Ruth, Felicity): The Willinghams

RYS Blog 4 - Claire Penn

RYS Blog 5 - Claire Penn

RYS Blog 6 - Claire Penn

4 images above (Emma): Claire Penn

RYS Blog 7 - Rosie Hardy

RYS Blog 8 - Rosie Hardy

4 images above (Katy): Rosie Hardy

RYS Blog 9 - S6

RYS Blog 10 - S6

RYS Blog 11 - S6

4 images above (Ruth, Katy, Felicity, Katy): S6 Photography

RYS Blog 12 - Sam Docker

2 images above (Katy-Ruth-Emma-Felicity, Felicity): Sam Docker

RYS Blog 13 - Gareth Newstead

RYS Blog 14 - Gareth Newstead

2 images above (Ruth): Gareth Newstead

RYS Blog 15 - Stacey Powers

2 images above (Katy): Stacey Powers

RYS Blog 16 - Mark Crayden

RYS Blog 17 - Mark Crayden

3 images above (Felicity, Emma, Katy): Mark Crayden


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